Oops…I missed a few weeks! Today, I am bringing you a FlyBeats 60 minute playlist from my Friday class at UWS. Also, after seeing Bruce Springsteen’s The River tour twice, I have some thoughts that I’d like to share.

Let’s start with Bruce. Over the past few years, I have become a huge fan of his music and play the hell out of it at Flywheel whenever possible. Besides finding his music brilliant, I connect to his lyrics which are deeply personal and simultaneously universal. When he announced The River tour, I was determined to finally see him live in concert. My dear friend and fellow Flywheel Master Instructor extraordinaire John Wellmann was lucky enough to get us both tickets….twice. After a cumulative 8 hours or so of watching Bruce perform, I feel like I appreciate his unparalleled talents on a whole other level. There is, and probably never will be, another performer like this. He has the ability to bring a stadium together and make it feel extremely intimate. He is silly, self-deprecating, raw, athletic, and truly singular. I have never seen a performer have more fun than Bruce. The joy he gets from being on stage and sharing with the crowd creates an energy that is infectious and uniting. So, go see Bruce Springsteen live. Then see him live again. And again.

Here is your music for the week. I am obsessed with the Superstition remix, as well as the Can I Kick It remix (thanks to Wendy Wolfson for the Tribe track).

Happy listening,