Danielle Devine-Baum

With 15 years of experience in the fitness world, I started in boutique fitness on a spin bike. I now own and operate DDB Fitness, offering livestream group fitness and personal training.

For me, fitness is much more than a workout. It is community. It is release. I believe in the power of fitness to be transformative and FUN. My goal is to spread joy with each pedal stroke (or squat) and I can’t wait for you to be a part of the journey.

My greatest accomplishments are my two boys, Hudson & Arlo, to which I give half the credit to my incredible husband Robbie.

Rachelle Eldridge DDB Fitness

Rachelle Eldridge

I discovered my love of indoor cycling after my first daughter was born. Having a place to escape, to find myself again and becoming a part of an amazing community meant everything to me. After my second daughter was born, I decided I needed to help people find what I had found. I became certified to teach in 2010 and there my career as an indoor cycling instructor began. From my first day on that podium, I knew that I had found what I was meant to do.

From boutique studios, to gym studios, to Flywheel, I have spent the last 11 years following my passion by creating that same safe space I needed and found for myself, for other people to tune out their noise, lose themselves listening to music and sweat it out together. Teaching indoor spin has always been more than a cycling class to me. The energy of that feeling is what drives me to bring that joy and elation each and every time I teach. I love watching my riders discover their power. In my classes you’ll find an infectious energy fueled by my LOVE of music. It will distract you from the challenging ride I have created especially for you!