I wanted to share with you the playlist that I put together for my 30th birthday last week. It took me forever to figure out because 43 minutes is a very limited amount of time when you want to include all of your favorite songs. The struggle…

Anyway, here is what I came up with. Not surprisingly, the music reminds me of some very special people in my life.

Here goes-

Ramble On– This doesn’t really feel tied to anyone, I guess. I just freaking love this song.

Nobody To Love – Kelly Wootton! My London friend who was our Lead instructor at our Shoreditch London Pop-Up studio (RIP Shoreditch studio). She turned me on to drum & bass and I haven’t looked back since.

Language of Sweet Dreams Remix- Natalie Ortiz. Flywheel ROCK STAR and NY Trainer. Colleague and dear friend. Always something Drake. Always something AMAZING.

The Rising- John Wellmann. My great friend and fellow Flywheel Master Instructor & Director of Training (his class is everything). My gateway to Bruce Springsteen obsession, and my date for past and future Bruce concerts.

Notorious Thugs- Alison Cohen. Alison played this years ago as a first song of the ride and I was in heaven. Alison, another Flywheel Master Instructor, teaches an unparalleled ride and is an incredibly special friend to me.

Baba O’Riley- My Dad, Don. He is a musician and turned me onto The Who when I was a kid. He taught me that music is everything and he was right.

Feeling Good- This is a Kara Bocchi remix, all the way. Kara is a fantastic Flywheel Instructor and our Lead for NYC Uptown. Her ride will knock your socks off….possibly literally. She is a true fitness star, a great friend, and one of the most loyal people I know.

They Don’t Really Care about Careless Whisper- I kind of think this was a Natalie Ortiz remix again, but it reminds me of our incredible Boston Lead and Flywheel Master Instructor Christina Lodde. Her favorite song to ride to is MJ’s They Don’t Really Care About Us….and this makes me think of her every time I play it. Christina’s class is mind blowing. Take it.

Fallen Empires- This is my favorite song to ride to. Ever. This is the one. I could play it every single day. This song reminds me of so many people, but I first rode to it in Ruth Zukerman’s class years ago. Ruth’s class is not to be described in words. I will leave it at that. Take it. Every time I ride in Ruth’s class, I am reminded why this is the BEST career in the entire world. I owe everything to Ruth and her amazing leadership, mentorship and friendship. Ruth is the co-founder and Creative Director of Flywheel and a main reason that indoor cycling is the phenomenon that it is today. Thank you, Ruth.

PSA in Rock- Ruth, yet again. Ruth played this back in the old days of Flywheel at the JCC and my head almost exploded. This is possibly the best mash-up ever created and the only rule is that you must rap with Jay-Z when it plays.

Little Lion Man- If you have taken my class, you know that I have a Mumford & Sons obsession. I have Flywheel Master Instructor and Creative Director for Flywheel Southeast, Aleah Stander to thank. Aleah, another dear friend of mine, first played this song when she was still living and teaching in NYC. I remember asking her after, “WHAT WAS THAT SONG!??” and the obsession was in full effect from then on. Taking Aleah’s class is akin to being in the front row of your favorite concert, while being coached and motivated by a combination of your best friend and a team captain. Aleah is amazing.

Thank you to all of the amazing people in my life.