Playlist Curation

Miss group fitness? Me too. Want to feel like you’re in my class from your home? Let’s do it! Whether you use these playlists to run outside, do a living room workout, chase after your kids, cook dinner, clean the house, or just to escape for a while, I’ve got you covered. Scroll down for a few samples to try out and enjoy!

Want in?
$25 gets you 5 playlists.
$75 for a whole month of tunes, 5 per week. You’ll get a private Spotify link so you can listen through anytime.
Want a custom playlist? Custom playlists start at $15.

Ready for your weekly dose?
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Amp Up: Get your heart rate up or get ready for your day.

Sing Along: Yup, you just have to.

Mood Booster: Feeling a little down? Let’s change that.

Rage: A little anger feels good.

Zen Out: Help is here when you need to quiet all the noise.

DDB 45: Classic 45 minute mix of everything. From Bruce to Biggie.