DDB has been behind me kicking my butt spinning for around 10 years and personal training for more than half of that. Her professionalism, patience, and good spirits on a daily level keep me fine tuned and oiled for the later years. Spinning is essential for me with the low impact high calorie burn. I get on my bike 15 minutes early in anticipation of a great program with unbelievable music. The training is also one of the high points of my day with a tailored program just for me.

Honestly I would never be able to be as active with out her. She is part of my regime. Strength flexibility with fun!
Tony B. 

I have been taking Danielle’s spin class for over 10 years. What makes Danielle unique is her consistency in teaching high level amazing classes week after week ( I call her my little “b”…. ). Every class is challenging coupled with a well thought out set list that is spot on. It obvious to see how passionate Danielle is about fitness.

Abbe W.

I have been taking classes with Danielle since 2011 and she has created an incredibly welcoming environment for all who attend – she has always made sure beginners are comfortable joining class and lets them know they are always welcome back!

I moved to California in 2018 and when the pandemic started I began riding with her again virtually – somehow she has recreated the feeling of camaraderie online just as she has in studio and spending Sunday mornings with her and her crew (some I recognize way back to 2011!) is one of the top highlights of my week. Her playlists are always amazing and class is always challenging but fun! You can tell Danielle loves what she does and is so happy to be there with us each week.

Michelle N.

Danielle is one of those rare personalities that motivates and inspires without beating you over the head. She gets what’s possible for each individual and guides you to become your best self. Regardless of how I feel walking in the door, I always feel proud of myself on the way out!

Jay B.

What can I say about Danielle? Her incredibly enthusiastic spirit changes my mindset each & every class I take with her, which is quite often. Her positive energy is infectious & I am grateful to know her as a trainer, spin instructor & friend. She makes my day better.

Robin S.

Danielle is the real deal. It would be very hard to deny that as fact!

As a fitness professional, as a cycle coach, as a human being….this is what fitness and racing dreams are made of.

I have come to know Danielle especially well since she launched her online spin classes in 2020. We had met briefly in passing at Flywheel prior to her launching her online platform DDB Fitness. It became apparent very quickly that my spinning workouts could become a whole lot more than that under her watchful eye and coaching background. Fast forward 3 years of almost daily training with her, she has managed to mold me into an ultra endurance athlete with a particular taste for racing. My entire cycle training and coaching is done by Danielle, while using the Zwift platform as training/race courses. She teaches zoom class while I ride Zwift. She calls out intervals that legitimately challenge all power and heart rate zones, uses 30 – 60 second races to change up those intervals, has you climbing heavy resistance hills (and wishing you could disappear from her screen some days) as she watches and supports and urges you along. She does not miss a beat. Ever. She seems to have as many sets of eyes, as she does zoom boxes on her screen. It is almost unfathomable that she could see and support all she does while riding her own high energy class, but she does!

Armed with a community of like-minded people, at different levels and with different training goals, she manages to seamlessly give everyone exactly what they need. As she is so connected to each and every one of her riders, friendships amongst them happen magically too.

There is no music genre she leaves unplayed.The musical journey she takes you on, each and every ride, is unique and unparalleled, an incentive and a treat for the work she will ask of you.

There are truly very few coaches out there, who can do the work Danielle does. She is exceptionally talented as a trainer, seemingly and effortlessly performs the work of a sports psychologist some days, is always up to date on the latest research and fads that come out, and adapts her workouts to accommodate all she stands behind. On top of all of this, she is always on her game, always genuinely happy to be doing the work she does, never has an “off” day, and yet her energy and force remain consistently…. absolutely electric.

Yardi A