Skincare & Beauty: Julia Dalton-Brush

Next on the blog is (drum roll please) my friend and beauty guru, Julia Dalton-Brush. Julia and I met through Flywheel years ago and instantly connected. Julia has a huge heart, is funny, brave, and determined as they come. When it came time to figure out make-up for my wedding, I knew it had to be Julia. I am so glad we shared such an amazing day together and I am forever grateful for how beautiful she made me feel.

Julia recently launched her own label, B3, which is an all natural, organic skincare brand. I was lucky enough to get some early samples and it is fantastic. Julia has a wealth of knowledge in her industry and as a fitness fanatic herself has a unique point of view on how the worlds of beauty and fitness collide.
– ddb

Without further adieu, our interview:

1. You strike me as an extremely entrepreneurial person. How did you get into the beauty world and what are some of the most rewarding aspects of your job?

I had always loved the beauty world. But, growing up with an amazing feminist mom who valued female strength and smarts over what lipstick to wear didn’t allow for much beauty work talk. It was a different time where the two didn’t necessarily mesh together like they do now. Nowadays it’s empowering for women to wear makeup because it’s our decision, and we can express ourselves how we want with it – it can become a part of expressing our style and creativity. It didn’t use to be like that. I decided to make the jump from owning a construction management company to the beauty world when I became pregnant with my daughter. I loved the thought of helping women feel empowered while giving myself the flexibility of working short freelance gigs (as opposed to the six month-year projects I had with my contracting business). One of my favorite parts of my job is having the one on one with the client/model/actor when they are in my chair. There are always nerves running high, and I love being able to have them sit and giving them a happy and relaxing experience. A lot of people don’t realize, but half of a makeup artist and hair stylist’s job is getting the client ready – hair, makeup, and energy – for the day. A great experience in our chair sets the tone for the day. I also love adding light touches of makeup – maybe just a slight brightening of the eyes or a change in lip tone – and having the person in my chair feel like a million bucks by simply enhancing their own natural beauty.

2. I can’t leave my house without some kind of makeup on (hello dark shadows under my eyes). What is your recommendation for a sweat-proof makeup routine that is safe for skin?

Well, first things first; skin care is key. Drinking enough water is key, and sleep is key. Personally, if I can get two out of three of those things in a week, I feel like I won the lottery. I would say be sure to take care of your skin because it will make all the difference with what it needs makeup-wise. Don’t overdo it on makeup in the summer/hot seasons for sure. I tend to like either a nice tinted moisturizer or a sheered down foundation. I usually take one of my B3 oils and put a drop or two into my foundation, mix it and apply it. Also, I love a light cream blush, it makes your skin look like skin and if you start to sweat it doesn’t break apart like powder can sometimes. But, if your comfortable, clean skin, mascara and a pop on your lip is always a sure bet!

3. What about post workout quick fixes? If there’s no time to shower and it’s time to run to a meeting- we’ve all been there- what do you suggest?

First, I always like a little dry shampoo. Run a dryer through your hair quickly and throw a little dry shampoo in for a quick fix. Bring a small bottle cleanser and toner with you so you can clean your face quickly, apply some oil – find one that absorbs beautifully and quickly (I personally like my B3 Astraea oil, it’s all natural, non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores) and absorbs really quicklynto give you a natural and healthy sheen and mascara. You’ll have a little natural flush in your skin from working out – use it! If you need more, then oil and quickly apply foundation, cream blush to give a little extra color and mascara and get on your hustle!

4. I can’t get enough of the “what’s in your gym bag” question. Can you give us a sneak peek into your gym bag must-haves?

Change of clothes, of course. A reusable wet/dry bag for my clothes. Water bottle, my phone because I either need to catch up on my fave shows while hitting my cardio or keep track of my lifting on my gym’s app. I am such a hat person that I keep my hat in my bag at all times – I need something to cover this mop on my head post workout. And, if I have to run off someplace, dry shampoo. And, most important, my skin care and makeup bag. The makeup usually doesn’t get touched unless I’m running to an important meeting or a job, but even if I just tone my face or spray it with my face mist, I need something to cleanse. The facial mist has become a cult favorite at my gym, it cools, cleanses and just feels incredible.

5. You recently started your own product line, B3 Balm. Can you tell us about it?

B3 is all natural and organic skincare line. I started B3 because I got tired of putting chemical-filled products on my clients/my family’s and my face all the time. I have always been a huge believer in food is medicine, and I think skincare is the same thing. Whatever you put on or in your body is absorbed into your system, so if there is a good and healthy option, why not use it. My skincare is for all skin types and all ages, and I don’t just put products out. I work on them for months; I need to be sure that my customers are getting the best of the best and that the formulas are something that I can proudly put on shelves.

We have 11 items at the moment and have four new products coming out in the next two months. Right now, we have lips balms, facial oils, a lip oil, a facial toner and a facial spray, body balms/moisturizer and an aftershave which we are rebranding as a healing balm bc it has so many incredible healing components. I want to give people good things to use, a natural and organic option that not only feels amazing but is incredible for their skin.

6. You’re a proud mommy and recently moved out of the city. Can you tell me a little bit about how that adjustment has been for you and your family?

As a born and raised Manhattan/Bronx girl moving to the ‘burbs’ was a change, but a welcomed one. I love it. The first six months for our daughter was tough, she missed her friends and missed the familiarity of the city. But now she loves it. There is something about being able to work in the city and then leave. I love to drive, so the ride in and out has become my personal zen time, I can sit quietly, blast my music or catch up on phone calls. My daughter is a serious athlete, so being able to have so many sports options out here and having a yard she can run around in is incredible. The people in our town are so lovely, and my daughter has made some INCREDIBLE friends, plus being able to drive to a grocery store and not lug 15 bags of groceries for blocks is reason alone to move. They need to start putting that in the brochure!


Julia Dalton-Brush is the owner of Brush Beauty Inc, a small boutique beauty agency and creator and owner of B3, an all-natural, organic skin care brand. Julia has spent the better part of a decade leading makeup teams and working with top brands such as NBC, ABC, FILA, Brooks Brothers, Jeffrey Dodd and many more. She has been the lead artist for numerous national TV shows, ad campaigns, billboard campaigns and has run numerous teams for NY Fashion Week Julia is a wife and a mother and lives in NY.